Finally Friday

{Cardigan: Gap, Shirt: Target, Scarf: Gift, Jeans: H&M, Flats: BCBG}

I'm partial to believe that "short" work weeks actually feel longer than a normal workweek.  I am so happy that it's finally Friday!  Also, calories don't count on Friday's right? I hope so because I have eaten more Girl Scout cookies today than I'd like to admit.  Although I was a Girl Scout drop out, I always feel sucked in to buy at least one box of Thin Mints and they are so delicious!

Also do you like how my cat has become my most common "accessory."  He just can't help but include himself in my pictures.  (In the second picture he's trying to attack my hand.)


  1. thin mints are the best - i have to stay away from them, or i buy about five boxes & put some away in the freezer. dangerous!

    i have a kitty that looks very similar to yours - how do you keep him from snacking on the ivy you have in the background?

  2. I love that pale blue scarf with this - very cute.

    And your cat is adorable.


  3. Hi Amanda, my cat isn't ever tempted by the ivy, but his real temptation is for my spider plant. He will chew on the leaves of that occasionally. Maybe you could get some pet deterrent spray? I use that on my couch to help prevent him from clawing it.


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