Paperbag Skirt

 {Button-Up: Forever 21, Skirt: Can't Remember, Tights: JCPenney, Oxfords: Nine West}

I wanted to be sure that I wore a skirt this week before the "snowpocalypse" in Portland forced me into jeans, boots, and most likely a comfy sweatshirt.  It's forecasted that the hills of Portland receive up to 7 inches of snow, and that to me is practically the equivalent of 5 feet of snow.  Also this weekend I went grocery shopping and forgot an entire bag of groceries at the check stand after paying.  After looking for my avocados and tomatoes (who am I kidding I was looking for the popcorn) I realized I had forgotten them ... I felt like such a dork!

So basically I'm a fearful and forgetful 24 year old.  It sure is a darn good thing I have a sweet boyfriend, great friends, and wonderful family who can appreciate my quirks.


  1. #1 so funny about the bag at the store!! I've totally done stuff like that!
    #2 I am SOOOO hoping it snows!! I am like a little kid about that! I am hoping with you!! :)

  2. Hello, I'm an Oregon blogger as well (Salem) and wanted to stop by and say hello!

    Wonderful outfit - I like the plaid with the heels; very unexpected.



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