Fill in the Blank Friday

1.   I am looking forward to: sunny weather and vacations.  Over the Memorial Day weekend I'm going with my BF and a couple friends to Vegas, and I absolutely can't wait.  

2.  Something kind of embarassing that I still love anyway is: old Mary Kate and Ashley movies.   I've always watched shows and movies they're in since they were on Full House. 

3.  My favorite car is: a black or silver Land Rover.  My BF always tells me that I shouldn't like them because they're expensive to repair and what not, but a girl can dream!

4.  If I could pick one type of weather to live with for the rest of my life it would be: low humidity, 70-80 degree, sunny weather.  To me this type of weather is perfect because it's not too hot, but you can still go swimming, and wear dresses, shorts, and sandals.  

5.  My favorite thing to do after a bad/stressful day is: clean or organize.  There is something that is so therapeutic about being in control of something and seeing it become done. 

6.  This weekend: I will try and be outside as much as possible.  The weather is supposed to be nice, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to read magazines in a park, drink coffee outside, and also eat dinner outside.  I'm also getting dinner and going bowling with my BF and a couple pals.

7.  If I were a color, I'd be green because, to me it means that something is alive in nature, and it's also one of the two colors of my favorite football team and school.  Go Ducks! 


Outfit Crush

It's safe to say that I've become obsessed with skirts in either pink, orange, or red tones.  I love this look on Taylor, and the pop of additional color with her adorable turquoise heels!  Turquoise heels are definitely going to be added to my spring/summer wish list after seeing this outfit.


Black & Chrome

Do you ever find yourself going into Target only looking for a couple things, like toilet paper or Tylenol, but then find yourself in the shoe or clothes section? Yeah, that's just about me every time I go into Target.  The last time I went it didn't even bother me that I was only there for allergy medicine, I still went to the shoe section.  At only $6.24, these heels were just too inexpensive to pass up.  Not only were they inexpensive, but they're also pretty comfortable which is definitely a win-win in my book!


Mixed Patterns

I had some free time on Saturday, and decided I would try mixing patterns in outfits.  I haven't had a chance to wear any of my ideas yet, but I am so excited to try them all out.  It's really no surprise that Kendi can mix patterns well, and I love how she mixes two different stripe patterns.  What are your favorite prints to mix? Stripes and floral, polka dots and stripes, or plaid and polka dots? 


Earth Concious




In honor of Earth Day, I wanted to show you all some of the new Conscious Collection from H&M.  I'm in love with several of these pieces, and it's even better that they are environmentally friendly.  All of these pieces are perfect for summer and spring, and even better because now I think I've found a perfect all white dress!


Outfit Crush

Portland gave me false hope that spring was here, and then let me down today.  As I write this it's raining and the temperature has definitely dropped.  Nevertheless, I plan on making this outfit one of my first the next time the sun decides to show it's face.  I'm hopeful that will be this weekend!


Afar, Afar, Away

I stumbled upon this pretty white summer dress today, named the Afar two way dress, and haven't been able to stop thinking about how perfect it would be for so many occasions.  Although the price is more than I would normally spend on any clothing item, much less a dress, I'm definitely going to look for a more budget friendly equivalent.


Silver Tray

{you can see the tarnish and sticky from the price tag}

 {halfway cleaned and polished}

{polished silver tray}

Saturday I went to Goodwill looking for a few things, and since I've made it a habit to look in the section that has a smorgasboard of metal objects and silver or silver looking platters.  I happened to spot another silver platter in disguise since there was no label showing that it was silver.  To my surprise when I got home and asked my BF to polish it for me it was in fact silver!  My favorite part of silver trays is the tarnish that happens naturally and the delicate details are so pretty.


Glass O' Milk

I apologize, but I've been hit by an allergy brick wall the past few days.  I wanted to pop in real quick and show you a collection of milk glasses.  Recently I acquired a couple milk glasses, and I love the look of a collection of these.  They will look just perfect with a few spring flowers in them!


Outfit Crush

Red and green are two colors that I wouldn't normally think of pairing together, with exception of course of around Christmas time.  But I really love the cropped jeans, red heels, and green jacket - the "topper" pieces definitely set this outfit apart from a normal jeans and t-shirt.  


Fields of Gold

 {Sweater: borrowed (from H&M), Jeans: Gap, Heels: Urban Outfitters}

Even though I'm sitting today's Everybody Everywear maxi dress challenge, I wanted to post an outfit picture. These are my new heels that I bought from Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago, and although the color is supposed to be red/orange, I would definitely say they're more orange than red.  I still like them though, and it turns out they're actually pretty comfortable.  The sweater that I'm wearing is borrowed from my pal Justine, and I may never give it back to her it's one of the most comfortable sweaters I've ever worn.  I felt like I was in PJs all day!


Carpet Chair

As I was browsing on Anthropologie tonight I came across this "chair."  I'm just going to throw it out there and say that is may be one of the craziest looking chairs that I've ever seen.  What's even more crazy to believe is that it's over $1,800!


Cranberry Orange Scones

Scones are one of my favorite things to buy at a bakery when I go to one.  So when I came across this recipe for cranberry orange scones, which combined two of my favorite things, scones and cranberries, I knew I wanted to bake them.  They were super simple to bake, and were perfectly moist and crumbly.


Outfit Crush


With snow in the forecast for tomorrow (although I'm sure it won't happen) I can't help but start to beg the question, "When is spring going to show it's face?"  Hence the colorful spring outfit that I'm currently crushing on.


Herb Garden

While I already have a small window box that I'm hoping has herbs flowing out of it soon, I like the simplicity of the chalk board terracotta pots for the various herbs.  I can't wait to have a bigger space for a plentiful herb garden to add to all my favorite recipes.


Thin Mint Cookies

Girl Scout cookies happen to be a pretty big weakness for me, especially Thin Mints.  When I came across this recipe I added it to my "to bake" list.  They were actually fairly simple to make, and I even got to experiment with a double boiler for the first time which was pretty cool.  One thing that I would change for the next time I make these is to cut the rounds thinner, and pour the chocolate over cookie instead of dipping them so the ratio is better.  For me, the chocolate coating was too thick compared to the cookie, but they were pretty good.


Fill in the Blank Friday

1.   The best prank I ever pulled was: I don't think I've ever been able to pull a prank.  Any time I've ever tried to prank someone I start laughing and ruin the whole plan.

2.  The best prank ever pulled on me was:  I can't remember an exact prank, but it was most likely from either my boyfriend or my brother.  They are both so tricky and can convince me that anything is true.

3.  A day without:   quality time with loved ones   is a day wasted.

4.  The most important things in life are: friends and family because they can make any day better, and help get rid of any cranky tendencies that I have.  

5.  I dream of: being the next Stacy London, I have been watching What Not to Wear since before Clinton was even on the show and love helping friends with fashion questions.  I also dream of being able to take three vacations every  year, having a nice home, and not have to work out and stay healthy and in shape.

6.  I dread: public presentations.  Speaking in front of a group of people is and most likely always will be terrifying for me. 

7.  A discovery I made this week was: that I really enjoy trying out new recipes, and am in the process of making Thin Mint cookies right now.  I can't wait until I can try one!
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