Scarf Organization

It took me quite awhile to find the perfect solution to organize my scarfs, but now I finally have it and it takes up only a little bit of closet space.  If you don't have that many scarfs, this organizer could also work for belts.  I think that I bought my tie rack at either Target, but they probably have them at any store like Target.  I also put my least worn scarfs on the bottom pegs so that I know my favorites are on top and more easily accessible.

P.S. because of the snow, and the fact that I worked from home today, and therefore didn't get out of my workout clothes, I don't have an outfit post for today.


  1. Great solution to the scarf delimma! I rolled mine up and stuffed them in a hanging shoe rack.

  2. smart, i have like 5 million scarves! whew! okay, not 5 million, but you know what i mean :)

  3. i can always use more closet organization - thanks for the tip!

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