Decor :: Padded Bench

{Supplies needed :: batting, 3" high density foam cut to the desired length, 1/2" to 3/4" plywood cut to length, metal corner brackets, scissors, fabric, 16" pre-made legs, and the following items that are not pictured :: wood stapler, drill or screw driver and liquid nails.}

{Lay the batting down on your flat work surface, then place the foam on top of it with enough space left on the batting to staple, and then the plywood.  Start stapling the batting to the plywood I like to start in the middle on one of the longer sides and work my way out. Once the long sides are done, start on the ends and do the corners last.  You want pull it tight but not too tight.}

{Once the batting step is done you'll want to cut off any excess batting.  Once that's done lay the entire piece on top of your fabric (again leaving space to staple it to the bench). Start stapling the fabric in the same manner as the batting and be extra careful to not pull the fabric too taut.}

{Flip the piece over and make sure that the edges are even, and if you notice any areas that are too tight you can just remove the staples with a flat head screwdriver and restaple that section.}

{Cut off the extra fabric. Then you'll want to mark off where you want to put the legs and once that is done apply some liquid nails to the legs where they'll adhear to the bench.  Once the glue dries determine where you'll want to put the corner brackets (I put them as far in to the edge of each leg - closest to the center as I could).} 

{Once the legs are attached it's all done! So place it wherever you want. We chose to put ours at the end of the bed, but I also think that it would look great in an entry way of a house.}

{Close up of the fabric and legs.}

I have been looking for a padded bench for the end of my bed for awhile and couldn't find one that was either in my price range or the look I wanted.  Since I had an idea on how to DIY this project and the look that I wanted I set out on a trip to Lowe's and Joann's to buy all of the supplies I needed and I'm very happy with the finished product.


Outfit Crush

I have been seeing animal or graphic sweaters popping up everywhere lately, and have to say that I really like how Jane styled her top in an updated way. I think that wearing an animal on your shirt could come across as immature (especially when people still say you look 16-18 years old) so adding a blazer matures the look. This is a great outfit for a day of shopping!

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Last Saturday I was lucky enough to celebrate my 26th birthday with some of the loveliest ladies I know! We started off with brunch at Gracie's and it was one of the best brunches I've ever had! After that we got manicures, had mimosas, and went shopping.  The night was topped off with an old fashion sleepover at my house. I couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate my birthday! A few more photos are on Instagram too!


Outfit crush

My first outfit crush of 2013 is brought to you by none other than Blair of Atlantic Pacific. This type of outfit is one of my go-to looks Monday through Friday. There is rarely a workday that I don't find myself reaching for a button up and jeans. I love how she paired it with the high heeled booties and hat too!
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