Happy New Year!

Happy New Year friends! While I'm not typically someone who makes New Years resolutions, this year one of my goals is to make more of a consistent blogging effort. While this year promises to be an exciting and busy year filled with friend's having babies, weddings, and parties. I'll be planning some of those parties and hope to share my ideas for the events and other items on my blog. Cheers to 2013!


Christmas Decor

It's not much of a secret how much I love Christmas and decorating for the holiday.  This year it felt extra special to decorate our house for Christmas.  Some of my decor were passed down from my grandparents like the "marble tree" and "Merry Christmas" banner, and others were an easy DIY like the pine cone garland.


Wish List :: Christmas Presents

I have a few things on my Christmas wish list this year that I'm hoping to see under the tree in a few weeks. 

1) iPad :: I've been wanting an iPad for multiple reasons, and one being that I have a two hour commute everyday and would love to look at a screen larger than my iPhone. 
2) Love Actually :: Every year for the past few years I've heard of people watching Love Actually, and I can't believe that I've never seen it!
3) Weekend trip :: Although I only live a couple hours from Seattle it's been years, like 10+ that I've been in Seattle for longer than a day. I would love a weekend trip to Seattle or San Francisco.
4) Nail polish :: I just bought a bottle of Sally Hansen complete manicure on clearance at Target and now want it in every color.  It really is a complete manicure, and it dries super fast!


Outfit Crush

I love how cozy this look is and it's perfect for a day of running errands or just hanging out at home.  If you don't already have a baseball shirt in your closet I recommend buying one. It can easily be dressed up or down, and if worn under a blazer look great as you only see a tiny bit of a contrasting color around the collar.


Recipe :: Fleur de Sel Caramels

         {Simple ingredients :: not pictured, candy thermometer}

{Once heated to the correct temperature (248*) pour onto oiled parchment paper and sprinkle fleur de sel on top}

{After refrigerating for a couple hours, cut up into desired size and wrap in wax paper}

Over a year ago I posted that I wanted to make fleur de sel caramels, and since then I've made them a half dozen times. They're actually easier to make than you would think and everyone love them.  These would make great Christmas presents and it's a super easy recipe to double!



{His cousin's girlfriend Stefanie, me, and his cousin Sam}

{My love and I}

{Thanksgiving table ready for the feast}

I'm so thankful that my boyfriend's family has welcomed me with open arms since the beginning of our relationship and it's so fun celebrating holidays and events together. We went to his aunt and uncle's house in Kirkland, WA this year to celebrate Thanksgiving and it was a great time. (Don't mind the awkward photo of my boyfriend and I, but it was the only one we took together the whole weekend.)


Outfit Crush

One of the advantages of working across the street from the mall is that I'm also across the street from JCrew.  I love walking by the mannequins and seeing how each of them is styled and generally gain some sort of outfit inspiration. That's how I felt when I saw this look online, it immediately made me start thinking of ways I could pull the look together. (It also ties in one of my latest obsessions!)




I've never been much of a hat person, let alone beanie person.  But I wore a hat a few weeks ago, and have lately been drawn to beanies. I think there is a way to wear them in a way that's less "grunge" and more chic-trying-to-stay-warm plus they help keep you warm.  These are a couple of my favorite ways I've seen them worn.


Trials and Tribulations of Curly Hair

Would you believe me if I told you that in middle school I styled my hair with a bucket o' gel from the good old dollar store? Thankfully I've come a long way from those awesome middle school years filled with braces and "barrel bangs,"but I still haven't found the perfect hair product combination.

I currently use Dove shampoo and conditioner and also styling cream but I'm not 100% happy with the look still. I have naturally curly hair, but like to use a curling iron to define the curls. Please feel free to share any advice you have for fine curly air products or tools!

Outfit Crush

Happy Wednesday everyone! I've started thinking about what I want to wear for Thanksgiving. I'll be with my boyfriend's family and we all like to keep it somewhat casual, because no one likes to feel as stuffed as the turkey after dinner.  I'm considering wearing a pair of super comfortable black skinny jeans from Old Navy with an oversized sweater.  I am loving this black on black outfit with a statement necklace that is a great balance of comfort and style.


Remember when?

Remember when I went to Florence with some awesome pals? Well it was a fun and great weekend filled with a walk along the coast, salt water taffy, Oregon football, girl talk, and much more. I wanted to share some pictures from the weekend. Love these girls and can't wait to make it an annual weekend trip!


Outfit Crush

Last fall I remember pining over a faux fur vest for virtually the entire season and beyond, but just couldn't decide if I would wear it that often.  After seeing several people wearing them not only in downtown Portland, but also bloggers sporting them again I think I may need to buy one this year!  Once I find one that I like, I think the first time I wear it will be very similar to this look ... classy but updated.



This weekend I'm going to Florence, OR along with eight of my pals.  We're staying at my friend Nicole's house and I couldn't be happier to get in some quality G-Time that will include cheering on the Ducks, making cards, hiking, beach yoga, and of course eating.  I hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend!


Outfit Crush

Yesterday I posted about wanting a pair of Hunter boots, and lately Blair has been creating some great looks with hers!  I love the idea of pairing the boots with bare legs, a few layered tops, and skirt.  It's definitely a look that I could see myself wearing.


Wish List :: Hunter Rain Boots

Tweed Hunter Boots

sweater, leggings, and hunters

Lately I've been trying to determine how much use I would get out of a pair of Hunter Boots.  With Christmas and my birthday not too far away I figured I might add them to my wish list.  I already reach for boots on a daily basis in the winter, but tend to wear leather ones.  With that said, I think by picking a more neutral rain boot I would get a lot of use of them here in the Northwest! This is how I think I would wear the boots.


Tee with Leather Detail

 {Supplies needed: t-shirt, pleather, needle and thread, scissors, and pins}

 {Pin at desired location and start sewing - a simple stitch works well}

{Finished product}

The lovely Jenni commented and left a link to a tutorial on adding leather to tee.  Unfortunately I did not see the comment until after finishing my version, but I would recommend pinning the patch while wearing it to ensure that it's straight. My patch pocket is a tad crooked which I didn't notice until I was finished.  Other than that, this was was a super easy way to change up a plain tee.


DIY: T-Shirt with Leather


One thing I love doing when I have time is a DIY or craft project.  This weekend on my to-do list I want to recreate a look similar to this top from Zara.  I'm planning on buying a casual shirt from Target and some leather or pleather from Joann's to add a pocket to the front.  I'll be sure to share the finished product on my blog!


Over the Weekend

This past weekend was the perfect amount of productivity with a heavy dose of fun sprinkled throughout.

Friday :: I went to a bridal show with my best pal Justine who is getting married next summer.
Saturday :: breakfast at Broder (my new favorite), apple tasting at the Portland Nursery, and then an impromptu road trip to my old stomping grounds, Eugene and UO.
Sunday :: Lunch at the new McMenamins in Wilsonville and some delicious pizza and ruby! (not pictured :: even more eating)


Zara Home Launch

Have you guys heard that Zara started selling home furnishings online?! I first became of fan of Zara back in 2005 and have been loving its clothes and accessories since! These are some of my favorites that I'd love to get my house like yesterday. (In case you couldn't tell, I'm slightly obsessing over acrylic lately!)


Outfit Crush

Happy Wednesday! During fall I find myself reaching for my leather pleather jacket and scarf in order to add some warmth but not too much bulk. Not only does this work with jeans, but a bomber jacket also looks great paired with a dress, tights, and boots!  What's your favorite way to stay warm in the fall?


Frye Melissa Button Boots

In case you needed an example of how hoarding gift cards can pay off, I got these beauties for less than $100 out of my pocket.  I've been wanting some Frye Melissa Button boots for well over a year and when I saw that I could get them at Macy's using gift cards and a coupon I had to jump on the deal.  I'm so happy to have such a classic looking boot added to my closet!
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