Fill in the Blank Friday

1.   My Thanksgiving plans this year will include: driving to my parent's house about three hours away and spending it with my immediate family and their kitties!

2.  My favorite Thanksgiving was: I think that this year will be one of my favorites because it's the first year where I really feel A) excited to help my mom cook since I've began to have a liking for cooking and B) will actually bake a dessert item!

3.  My signature Thanksgiving dish is: this is the first year that I'll be making something (blackberry cobbler) but one of my favorite things to eat is definitely mashed potatoes! 

4.  My favorite Thanksgiving food is: besides mashed potatoes, I would say olives, they're the perfect snack food or cranberry sauce.

5.  Thanksgiving free association: turkey, cranberry sauce in a can...the kind with the lines on it -- I agree with you Lauren, that is delicious cranberry sauce!

6.  Thansgiving is: one of my favorite holidays because it's a time when you and your loved ones can all come together and be thankful for the little things and enjoy a meal together!

7.  I am thankful for:  so many things - my friends and family, my loving boyfriend who is luckily my best friend too, my adorable kitty, a roof over my head, a job, health insurance, a car, food, etc., etc.

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