{Top & Belt: Forever 21, Jeans: Gap, Heels: Macy's}

This challenge has been good for me, because it has made me appreciate my clothes and especially my accessories.  As you can see in the following pictures I kind of have a shopping problem, granted most of my clothes were purchased either on sale or from Forever 21, it's still a lot for one person!

Dresses & coats in spare room closet

 Shirts, workout clothes, jeans, and unmentionables

 Walk in closet in the bedroom with my boyfriend's little section of clothes.  These photos don't include my under the bed storage for clothes.  As you can see the 30 for 30 challenge was a good idea for me!


  1. I think your outfit is great with the striped shirt and belt. That is a lot of clothes, but as long as you wear it all, it's good. I've been pruning my wardrobe for quite a while and it's gotten quite small that I might need to bulk it up again. =)

  2. Great outfit, it appears simple and unfussy but has great details and charm!
    I'm much like you, I have tons of clothes but most are from thrift stores so I used that as my excuse but this challenge has been so great for making me see how to use what I have much more creatively and that will help me save even more money when this is done and I go back to shopping in my closet and at thrift stores. :)


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