{Cardigan: H&M, Dress: Forever 21, Tights: Target, Oxfords: Nine West}

I'll let you in on a little secret, I'm mildly OCD ... okay make that pretty OCD.  I knew that this 30 for 30 challenge would be stressful for me unless I had some sort of plan.  Part of my OCD is that I absolutely love making spreadsheets (nerdy I know), but it's true I will create a spreadsheet for practically anything and this challenge was no different.  Here is a snapshot of how I organized my 30 days:

Like I said, I had to go about this in an organized fashion. Thanks for letting me share how OCD I am with you ... now tell me, did you do anything crazy to prepare for the challenge?


  1. i love that you have a list! lol - i'm also a list maker. when i started the challenge, i wrote down a few things, added and changed, then documented the before & after. i had thought of making a daily planner, but the weather up here (nw washington state) has been acting a little too unpredictable for me lately.

  2. I agree with you and the weather being unpredictable. Yesterday it was gorgeous in Portland and today it's rainy, so hit or miss. Good luck on the challenge!


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