Fill in the Blank Friday

I don't know about you all, but I am so happy that today is Friday.  Today I decided to play along with Lauren's Fill in the Blank Friday series again, and I hope you enjoy my answers. 

{Erin Nicole Photography via weheartit via The Little Things We Do}
1.   I wish: that the headache I've had all week would go away before the start of the weekend.

2.  Yesterday I: made Christmas trees out of old magazines, and baked chocolate chip cookies.

3.  Today I will: since I'm home from work for the day, I plan on working out tonight and figuring out this weekend's plans.

4.  Tomorrow I will: go look around H&M, finish Christmas shopping (hopefully), and make lasagna for the first time ... wish me luck! (Does anyone have a recipe they recommend using??)

5.  Maybe: my boyfriend and I will go on a dinner and movie date. 

6.  Someday: I will have a house to decorate with lovely Christmas decorations and at least one more kitty cat.

7.  I love: sleeping in and snuggling on weekend mornings, and then have relaxing days filled with coffee, friends, and magazines.
Happy Weekend!!


  1. i wish i could do staff evaluations from home, you know, like with skype or chat or something! ha ha 7 days down, four more to go next week. then i'll really feel the holiday spirit :)


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