New Year's Eve Outfit

I've been struggling to decide what the perfect outfit is to ring in the 2011 year!  In my opinion the style in Portland is a little more casual than dressy for most events, but I've been lusting over the sequin skirt or shirt, and glitter shoe trends.  I think I want to try one of these trends for New Year's eve, but I'm hoping not to spend a large chunk of my paycheck on them.  If you have tried these items, how would you say is the best way to wear them and what is the best value?

1 comment:

  1. ooohhh ... you are so gonna look cute in that skirt! i'd pick the steve madden shoes, but personally, i'm not sure if i can walk in anything more than 3.5 inches! lol okay, maybe i can do it in 4" but anything higher than that is a recipe for disaster for me :)


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