Christmas Stocking

Even though I already have a stocking at my parent's house, I felt like making one for my apartment.  I found the idea on the Better Homes & Garden's website and it couldn't have been easier.  It only took a few items to decorate this stocking, and just a little bit of time.  I chose to decorate my stocking with simple rick rack, but you can decorate it anyway you want.

 {Stocking, scissors, rick rack, Tacky Glue}

{Apply a thin line of glue to the rick rack, and press down on stocking to adhere it}

 {Finished stocking, I wrapped the rick rack completely around the stocking and then cut off the excess.}

Does anyone have any ideas on how to hang the stocking when I don't have a fireplace?

1 comment:

  1. courtney, have you tried those hanging wall shelves? i bet ikea has them - you can hang your stockings on them and use the shelf for candles and such.


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