This One Time We Made Pasta

{Flour ready for the eggs, some oil, and water.  Knead until just mixed.}

{Once completely mixed, roll out using a pasta maker or rolling pin.  
Roll it out as thinly as you can.  Next cut using a knife or pizza cutter.}

{Fettuccine shape and size pasta ready to be cooked!}

{Almost done and ready to be eaten.}

I've been wanting to make pasta for awhile now, and with the simple ingredients (eggs, flour, and oil) I thought it was worth a try.  With one of my favorite fellow cooks and best pal, Justine, we set out to make some pasta.  One item that I didn't have which would have made the process easier is a pasta making tool.  They have some really awesome ones that attach to a Kitchen Aid mixer and others that just sit on your counter.  This time we just used a rolling pin and pizza cutter.

Although the pasta could have been better with the use of a pasta maker, it actually tasted like pasta and the process couldn't have been easier.  This is the recipe that we used, and we also used some whole wheat flour and some all purpose.  Once the noodles were ready to be cooked, we whipped up a mushroom, Parmesan, and butter sauce to go on top.  Delicioso!


  1. That was a lot of fun! I think we need to get that pasta maker for next time though.

    1. Yes a pasta maker will definitely need to be purchased before we try again!

  2. Yum! Those noodles look delicious :) That's a great thing to do with a best friend!


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