Awkward + Awesome

{Blazer: Old Navy, Button-Up: Forever 21, Belt: H&M, Jeans: Gap, Boots: Guess}

Awkward ::

Minding my own business while using the restroom at work, only to see a cockroach (!!!) scurry across the floor in front of me.  After seeing this and squealing like a little girl, I washed my hands (of course keeping an eye on the little bugger) and rushed to find the first guy in the office to have him kill it.  After trying to step on it about ten times, the thing finally died.  Gross!

Seeing someone wearing a monochromatic outfit, and I'm not just talking an all black outfit.  Oh no, I'm talking a magenta-meets-purple-meets-flamingo-pink outfit all the way down to the ear buds.  That's right folks, a purple person walking around on the streets of Portland.

Seeing one too many "man/she" people in downtown this week.  It's a pretty normal occurrence to play the "which one is it" game, but this week there were so many "questionable" people.

Being so tired that I used conditioner instead of shampoo.  Has anyone seen the low water pressure episode of Seinfeld?  That's how I felt all day after that incident.

Dodging random areas of spit on the side walk, I mean seriously, is it ever that necessary to spit?

Awesome ::

Striped shirts.  I mean can a girl really have too many of them? I would wear one every day if I wasn't afraid of looking like a lunatic who only likes horizontal stripes.

Going to bed before my boyfriend, and having him tuck me in like a little caterpillar.  It's so sweet.

Also having the boyfriend remove my toenail polish for me so that I didn't ruin my manicure (he would not be happy to know that I'm writing this - whoops!).

Thanks Sydney for the great awkward + awesome idea!


  1. My boyfriend has also removed nail polish for me before :] So sweet!

    1. It's such a sweet gesture ... especially when your nails are freshly painted. :)

  2. Love your outfit- this is something I would wear too! Leopard goes with almost anything it seems and for that, I am addicted :)

    Your man/she comment made me laugh... Oh PDX... we live in a funny place for sure.


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