Everybody Everywear :: Pastels

{Blazer: Old Navy, Sweater: Forever 21, Jeans: Gap, Shoes: Old Navy}

I was excited when I saw that this month's EBEW theme was pastels, since I already had an outfit planned that would work! I have had this blazer (along with most of my other blazers) since high school.  It's from Old Navy, and I think that most would be surprised to find that out.  Not only have I gotten my money's worth out of it, but it is also perfect for our temperamental spring days!

Image 4554


  1. I LOVE this outfit! You look super tall and skinny :)

    You'll have to let me know when the next EBEW is announced. I always want to do it but I never see it until after the fact.

    1. I'll try to remember to remind you pal. I think that it's the second Tuesday of every month, so the only thing you have to do is see what the theme is for the month.

  2. This is really cute. I especially like the light pastel blazer with the black skinny jeans.

  3. Love that pastel colored blazer, eh. You look pretty and lovely. :)

    Cathy@On Fabulous and Classy


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