Everybody Everywear - Lace

{Top: Forever 21, Jeans: Jcrew, Heels: Kohl's}

At first I didn't realize that I owned anything with lace, and was already planning on asking my trusty friend Justine (aka my clothes swapping pal) for one to wear.  After looking and not just trying to imagine my closet I found quite a few options.  I decided to go with a little touch of lace for this look, but I have to say that I enjoyed the outfit.

P.S. I took this picture last week, since I didn't include this shirt or shoes in my 30 for 30 remix items.


  1. I saw your tweet, but it looks like picture is showing up on the site now. And it looks great! Love the lacy ruffles!

  2. We have a very similar looking top for this lace challenge. I like it! You've got great taste. Wink!

  3. I fell in love with your shirt when I saw it on EBEW! So cute :)

    autumn, coffee and inspiration

  4. I love the top with the shoes! very classy & cute look! 30 for 30 is the greatest!

  5. Love this look - that shirt is fabulous. I love the color and it looks great with these jeans.

  6. Cute, I love your shirt! And the shoes add such a nice pop.

  7. love the monochromatic look of this outfit. that top is super cute, and loooooooooooove those shoes!!!

    caroline - pictures & words

  8. Oooh, this might be my favorite outfit of your remix so far! Very nice :)

    Virginie ♥


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