Six & Seven

 {Shirt: Target, Jeans: Banana Republic, Heels: Urban Outfitters}

Saturday's outfit was inspired by Grease.  When I stood in front of my 30 for 30 section of my closet all I could think about was that movie for some reason.  All I was lacking was a drag race in the local water channel and a scarf around my neck and I think I would have fit in well. 

{Button-Up: Forever 21, Belt: Forever 21, Jeans: JCrew, Flats: Jessica Simpson}

{Close-up of the belt with the movable metal pieces}

Even though I belt this belt from Forever 21 awhile ago now, yesterday was the first chance I had to wear it.  I fell in love with the dual colored metal pieces that sort of "float" around it, but was a little surprised at how heavy it actually was with all of the metal!  I wore this to see my parents for an impromptu Father's Day get together and it was perfect for my hour drive to see them!

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  1. Those UrbanO shoes rock. They're so different. You wear them well!


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