30 for 30

It's that time again, the next 30 for 30 challenge starts Monday! Initially I was worried that a warmer weather challenge, would well be, more challenging than cold weather.  I feel like there are so many different possibilities in the summer, and also living in the Pacific Northwest the weather is highly unpredictable.  You might notice the number of cardigans, long sleeve shirts, and button-up shirts because June weather is wacky! Check back on Monday to see my first outfit!


  1. I'm doing this too :D And plan on posting my 30 in the next few days. Looking forward to it.

  2. I like the new layout :)
    I'm thinking of joining in on the 30 for 30 challenge, but if I do I'll be starting a day later (I have finals on Monday = no time to think about outfits)
    I see a green skirt and something with hearts, can't wait to see the outfits you come up with :D
    Good luck

  3. Love the picks. I had a hard time too. It was 100 in NYC last week and this week its 60! I made my choices last night, but I'm rethinking already because its so chilly! Can't wait to see what you come up with. Good luck!


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