Necklace Storage

It took me a long time to figure out the best way to organize my necklaces.  I finally have found a method that works the best for me, and it looks pretty cute at the same time.  I found an old cast iron hook system on Ebay, I think it was used in the garden at one time, but now it has a new home in my closet.  It has the perfect amount of hooks for all my necklaces as well.  Another idea is to use a collection of some vintage or vintage-looking hooks arranged so that they work for your necklaces.  Happy organizing!


  1. Super cute storage! I've got a big jewelry chest in the bathroom but I seem to have filled the silly thing already. Perhaps it's time to sort through it... Or I could just find some cute hooks!

  2. It also helps to keep my necklaces from getting too tangled, and it's another decoration in my closet too. :)


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