Outfit Crush

It seems as though this past weekend's activities wore me out more than I expected.  My birthday weekend and New Year's Eve was wonderful.  I rang in the New Year with some great friends, had a birthday dinner with my parents and boyfriend, birthday dinner number two with my closest pals, and birthday dinner number three with my best friend.  What more is there to ask for than great friends, food, and celebrations to celebrate my birthday and New Year?

Today's Outfit Crush is an outfit that I'm excited to wear this week.  It's full of classic pieces and then there is the twist of pairing a crisp white button-up shirt with distressed jeans and heels that looks so spot on and makes it more appropriate for some work environments.  Luckily the office that I work in is pretty casual, so I could get away with this outfit minus a few holes in the jeans of course. 

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