Black & White

{Cardigan: Gap, Button-Up: Gap, Belt: H&M, Jeans: Forever 21, Boots: Macy's}

 {Inspired by my cat Oreo}

My boyfriend gave me the idea to create an outfit inspired by a stuff around me, whether it be my cat, a pretty spring flower, or a piece of art.  This is my first attempt at being inspired by something fairly simple, my black and white cat.  Of course this was an easy outfit to put together, and it was perfect for a Thursday when I'm usually becoming tired of my closet.  I'm aiming for this to be a weekly post, and I'm also hoping that flowers start to bloom, and that I have time to walk around Portland to become inspired to create outfits based on what I see!


  1. What a cool idea - I can't wait to see more posts like this (especially the ones inspired by Portland).

  2. I LOVE this!! I was there for that brilliant idea :)

  3. Thanks Gracey, and hopefully my outfit posts inspired by Portland happen frequently!


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