70s Spring

{Sweater: Forever 21, Belt: Forever 21, Jeans: Bitten by SJP, Heels: Can't Remember}

Happy first full day of spring! I wish that Oregon weather had looked at the calendar and provided us with blooming flowers and abundant sunshine, never the less it'll be here fairly shortly.  Can you tell I'm super tired of the gray weather?

Today I decided to do my take on the 70s trend that is coming back for spring.  Because I am short, I think I will steer clear from super flared jeans, so today I busted out my bootcut/flare jeans.  These jeans are actually from the short lived Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker line that was sold at Steve and Barry's.  Do you think that you'll experiment with the 70s comeback?

1 comment:

  1. I love flared jeans. I have a pair from a few years back that have already worn on my blog and might get another, darker pair. I think your bootcuts are perfect for your petite frame.

    And yes, I totally agree - I am soooo over this gloomy Oregon weather.


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