Project Runway

Most of my close friends know how excited I am when a new season of Project Runway starts, but this year was even more exciting because another contestant was from the Pacific Northwest. Last year Seth Aaron Henderson from Vancouver, Washington won, and this year Gretchen Jones from Portland, Oregon won! It was such an exciting season to watch, and there was so much competition in the season finale between Gretchen and Mondo that I wasn't sure who was going to win! Here are some of my favorite looks from Gretchen's final collection.



  1. The season 5 winner was from Portland, too! Leanne Marshall.

    PacNor represent!

  2. I'm a little bummed that she was like, "oh, I'm moving to New York, now" the next day, though. I know New York is kind of a big deal in fashion, but it still a little meh.

  3. I agree, and I wish she would have stayed in the Pacific Northwest but I guess she had to go where the fashion is.


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