Fill in the Blank Friday

Once again I'm playing along with Lauren's weekly feature on her blog. It's so fun to think about all the answers to the questions!

1. I am: a lover of fashion, daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend, and a lover of most every cat!

2. I wish: that I could go somewhere nice and sunny this Winter with my love.

3. I like: best friends, cats, Rachel McAdams movies, brunch, gerber daisies, clothes, the holidays.

4. I can: not wait until this weekend when I can finally relax after traveling for the last two weeks. One of my best friends is coming up and I can't wait to visit with her as well!

5. I hope: that it doesn't rain this weekend so I can pick out a pumpkin without getting soaked!

6. I think:
that the weekends are absolutely wonderful and really wish they were longer!

7. I was: in Phoenix and Memphis the last two weeks ... post coming soon!

I hope that you have a safe and wonderful weekend!

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