Memphis, TN & Phoenix, AZ!

I have had the opportunity to travel to Memphis and Phoenix for work in the last two weeks. Memphis was such a nice city and it's filled with so many wonderful and historical sights to see. I also was able to visit the school where the player from the movie The Blindside went, and then I also took several trips on the trolley to the colorful Beale St. I wanted to share a photo from inside the trolley and some delicious Blue Moon from O'Sullivans in "Kiss Me I'm Irish" cups.

This week I was in sunny Phoenix. It was such a nice change to be in the sun and warmth during October. I really enjoyed all of the palm trees, it made me feel like I was in Mexico! I also went to a cute market and got a bottled Dr. Pepper that I couldn't resist taking a picture.


  1. i am so jealous!! i have always wanted to visit memphis...just to eat lots of yummy bbq


  2. The barbecue was super delicious! I had so many pulled pork/chicken sandwiches. yum! :)


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