Decor :: Gray Walls

Last week I shared that my boyfriend and I are moving into a house.  One of the first rooms that we're planning on repainting is the master bedroom, because it is currently Key West/Jamaican colors.  We love the idea of a gray room, but didn't want all of the walls to be too dark.  So instead of doing all four walls dark gray, we're thinking three lighter with one darker as an accent wall.  These are a few of my favorite paint colors and looks. (The paint colors are given if you click on the links)


  1. The third one is my favorite, but I love all three! Can't wait to help you paint :)

  2. Love love love grey walls. Congrats on the moving in!! Our new house is going to be done in about a month we hope and I definitely have plans for some grey walls. And I did a roundup for them a while back, haha! Love your style! http://www.adventuresindressmaking.com/2011/08/apartment-therapy-heard-me.html

    1. Thank you and congrats on your new house as well! I'll check out your round-up of gray walls on your blog!


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