Skydiving 2011

I did it, I went skydiving last weekend! It was more fun than I could have imagined, and not quite as scary as I had anticipated.  The whole fall lasted about five to six minutes, and the best part was once we pulled the parachute and I could just relax and look at all of the scenery of Eugene.  From the plane I was able to see Autzen Stadium, the University of Oregon, and several peaks and mountains. It was absolutely amazing!  P.S. I also got to wear an "awesome" 90s jumpsuit.


  1. that is so crazy and fun! I still haven't decided if I'm one of those "i want to sky dive before i die" kind of people or not :P

  2. Jealous! Skydiving is definitely on my life to-do list - really the only thing stopping me from doing it right now is the cost. But I bet it would be worth it :)


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