Fill in the Blank Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that you all have been having a great week.  Any fun plans for the weekend? Tonight I'm getting happy hour at Nostrana, they have the best Margherita pizza.  Tomorrow I'm going to the Pumpkin Patch Maze and I'll also pick out a couple pumpkins too! Have a great weekend!

1.  My current obsession is these no bake energy balls. Yum!

2.  Sunshine make me happy.

3.  My greatest strength is my ability to write long to-do lists and get them done!

4.  My OCD  is my greatest weakness.

5.  My life is great, a little up in the air right now but I'm learning to embrace the spontaneity of it all! 

6.  In high school I was     a middle-of-the-road kind of kid. I wasn't popular or a total outcast. Just right in the middle ... same with me!

7.  When I'm super tired I become really giggly, and think that the silliest things are hilarious. 


  1. Hi! I tend to get a little OCD as well!

  2. I become super giggly when I'm tired too! Ever since I was little. My brothers would always try to make me laugh about stupid stuff when it got late:-) xoxo

  3. Hope you had a great weekend! The no bake energy balls I have to check out. Great share on yourself.


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