Awkward & Awesome Thursday

{Button-Up: Forever 21, Jeans: JCrew, Heels: Gift from friend}

Playing along with Sydney's ongoing series today!


- Trying to jump start my BF's truck at midnight in our apartment complex
- Picking a wedgie while on a walk, only to realize someone is walking closely behind you
- Finding a cat hair in my made-at-home burrito, and still eating it. Hey, what can I say it was really tasty.


- Receiving compliments on my at-home manicure.
- Finding one of the last remaining parking spots in my apartment complex because each motorcycle feels it needs it's own spot.  It's the little things.
- Losing the evening to an old favorite past-time of making friendship bracelets.  So much fun!
- G time.  Last weekend I was able to spend the whole day with some of my favorite pals and I forget how relaxing and amazing it is to catch up!
- Getting some sun yesterday on my pale Irish skin, and I even have the start of tan lines.


  1. you pull the white shirt knot tie like it's nobody's business. this would have to go on top of my fave classic cutie looks from you!

  2. Thanks so much Reni! Tying my shirt in a knot brings me back to my childhood so it's always a fun way to reminisce.

  3. your big watch is awesome! i recently bought one and am still working up the courage to wear it!

    dash dot dotty


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