Deals & Steals

I have always been a lover of deals, and I can almost 100% contribute that to my parents especially my mom.  Now when I'm going to purchase something that is a good deal I try and stop to ask myself if I would purchase it at the full price.  If i say "yes" then I usually will purchase it on sale as well.  Today I stopped at Old Navy to see if they had any items that I could use my Groupon on.  I lucked out and found a pair of great simple gray flats (I also wanted the nude ones but they'll have to wait), and also this turquoise belt.  After using my Groupon both items were only $3.99 and I'm so excited to wear both of them!


  1. Rock on!
    My mother would love for you to take me shopping!
    Congrats on the purchases!

    Hilary Mae

  2. Awesome steals!
    The color of the belt is so lovely :)
    I need new grey flats too !!

  3. I was so excited on the deals I was able to get, and I might have to go back and see if they still have the nude flats in my size for an even better deal!

  4. Thanks for reminding me... I need to use my Old Navy Groupon! Love the color of that belt.


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