Mixed Patterns

I had some free time on Saturday, and decided I would try mixing patterns in outfits.  I haven't had a chance to wear any of my ideas yet, but I am so excited to try them all out.  It's really no surprise that Kendi can mix patterns well, and I love how she mixes two different stripe patterns.  What are your favorite prints to mix? Stripes and floral, polka dots and stripes, or plaid and polka dots? 


  1. Kendi does mix very well. I need to attempt more mixing but I find it so difficult. I look forward to see your pattern mixing.


  2. I like surprising combinations like polka dots and leopard. Sterling Style pulls it off well...

  3. Sterling Style does do a great job of mixing patterns - both she and Kendi make it look so effortless. I hope that when I'm brave enough to try it, that I can pull it off somewhat well.

  4. I like mixing stripes of different scales, and checks with stripes. As I was reviewing my closet I realized I don't actually own anything with a floral pattern. Well, there is one dress but I've never worn it.

    Love Oregon - my husband I got engaged in your wine country. So jealous that you live there.


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