Fill in the Blank Friday

I thought it would be fun to finish the year with one last "Fill in the blank Friday" post. I hope that everyone has a lovely and safe New Year's Eve and a great start to the new year. I'm hoping that with the close of 2011, some more positive things will be in store for me in 2012. Happy New Year!!

1.   New Years is a great time to reminisce about the past year, and also look forward to some of the fun things in the new year.  

2.   One of my New Year's resolutions will be to work out more consistently.  

3.  A New Year's resolution I've made in the past was to I really can't remember any of my New Year's resolutions, but I've probably made one to drink more water in the past.

4. (I made up my own question, since I didn't have a time consuming resolution in the past) What is your favorite memory from New Year's Eve?  My parent's have vintage noise makers, so I always loved using them as soon as the ball dropped on Dick Clark's New Year's Eve special. 

5.  This year I will be spending New Year's Eve with my BF and some pals at a little get together I'm helping to host.

6.  If I could wish one thing for my new year it would be for it to just be a better year than the past few years have been.  

7.  2012 is going to be hopefully filled with a lot of positive changes!


  1. Good luck with your New Year's Resolutions. Here's hoping that 2012 is an amazing year for you. I am now following you!


  2. I feel the same! I hope that 2012 is much better than 2011. Wishing you the very best for this New Year! :)


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