Everybody Everywear - Pattern Mixing

{Top: Old Navy, Skirt: Forever 21, Boots: Steve Madden}

I was so excited that this month's EBEW was pattern mixing, since I've been waiting for an excuse to wear this shirt and skirt together.  The cognac boots also had to make an early appearance on my blog again, because it was a little too cold and breezy to have completely bare legs.  I'm really ready for the high temperature to be in the 80s at least!  Don't forget to check out everyone else's outfits at EBEW.

Pattern Mixing | Everybody, Everywear


  1. I love this mix of prints! That skirt is lovely :)

  2. I had to check out your blog because I'm originally from Portand :)

    Love the pattern mixing! It looks great on you.

  3. what a great outfit! i really love these boots!

  4. Very cute outfit! The pattern mixing is great, and so are the colors.

    14 Shades Of Grey


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