Outfit Crush

Yesterday I posted about wanting a pair of Hunter boots, and lately Blair has been creating some great looks with hers!  I love the idea of pairing the boots with bare legs, a few layered tops, and skirt.  It's definitely a look that I could see myself wearing.


Wish List :: Hunter Rain Boots

Tweed Hunter Boots

sweater, leggings, and hunters

Lately I've been trying to determine how much use I would get out of a pair of Hunter Boots.  With Christmas and my birthday not too far away I figured I might add them to my wish list.  I already reach for boots on a daily basis in the winter, but tend to wear leather ones.  With that said, I think by picking a more neutral rain boot I would get a lot of use of them here in the Northwest! This is how I think I would wear the boots.


Tee with Leather Detail

 {Supplies needed: t-shirt, pleather, needle and thread, scissors, and pins}

 {Pin at desired location and start sewing - a simple stitch works well}

{Finished product}

The lovely Jenni commented and left a link to a tutorial on adding leather to tee.  Unfortunately I did not see the comment until after finishing my version, but I would recommend pinning the patch while wearing it to ensure that it's straight. My patch pocket is a tad crooked which I didn't notice until I was finished.  Other than that, this was was a super easy way to change up a plain tee.


DIY: T-Shirt with Leather


One thing I love doing when I have time is a DIY or craft project.  This weekend on my to-do list I want to recreate a look similar to this top from Zara.  I'm planning on buying a casual shirt from Target and some leather or pleather from Joann's to add a pocket to the front.  I'll be sure to share the finished product on my blog!


Over the Weekend

This past weekend was the perfect amount of productivity with a heavy dose of fun sprinkled throughout.

Friday :: I went to a bridal show with my best pal Justine who is getting married next summer.
Saturday :: breakfast at Broder (my new favorite), apple tasting at the Portland Nursery, and then an impromptu road trip to my old stomping grounds, Eugene and UO.
Sunday :: Lunch at the new McMenamins in Wilsonville and some delicious pizza and ruby! (not pictured :: even more eating)


Zara Home Launch

Have you guys heard that Zara started selling home furnishings online?! I first became of fan of Zara back in 2005 and have been loving its clothes and accessories since! These are some of my favorites that I'd love to get my house like yesterday. (In case you couldn't tell, I'm slightly obsessing over acrylic lately!)


Outfit Crush

Happy Wednesday! During fall I find myself reaching for my leather pleather jacket and scarf in order to add some warmth but not too much bulk. Not only does this work with jeans, but a bomber jacket also looks great paired with a dress, tights, and boots!  What's your favorite way to stay warm in the fall?


Frye Melissa Button Boots

In case you needed an example of how hoarding gift cards can pay off, I got these beauties for less than $100 out of my pocket.  I've been wanting some Frye Melissa Button boots for well over a year and when I saw that I could get them at Macy's using gift cards and a coupon I had to jump on the deal.  I'm so happy to have such a classic looking boot added to my closet!


Casual Friday

leopard + stripes

I'm lucky enough to work for a company that allows me to dress pretty casual regardless of the day.  Typically I wear jeans and a blouse, but on Fridays I can tend to be more casual. On any given Friday you could find me wearing an outfit very similar to this one, leopard flats, striped shirt, and dark blue skinnies.  At first glance it may not seem like leopard and stripes "go" but as long as there is a similar color among both patterns I think it's perfectly acceptable to pair them together.  Also both patterns are staples in my closet so it's inevitable that I wear them in the same outfit!
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