Ikea Bookshelf Hack

I knew one of the first things I wanted when we moved into a house was a bar cart.  After looking around at some sites that sell them I found out that they're seriously pricey.  But one night when perusing Pinterest I found the perfect bar that I knew would work great in our house.  We already had the bookshelf, so I just went to Lowes to buy the rest of the materials.  It was a super simple DIY and just required four table legs, four flanges, and a screw driver. Now I'm off to make a drink!


Outfit Crush

We're experiencing some extraordinary weather in Portland lately, and it's hard to believe that it's the end of September.  Since the mornings are chilly when heading to work, but the afternoons are warm this is a great Monday through Friday work look.  It would look equally great with a cardigan thrown over for work and without a sweater for happy hour after!


Green with Envy

Tonight as I was browsing my Pinterest boards for outfit inspiration, I noticed a commonality in a few outfits :: green pants.  Although I already have a couple pairs of colored jeans, I've yet to get my hands, er legs on/in a pair of green pants.  I think that most colored jeans can work just as well in the fall and winter as other seasons so long as they're paired with season appropriate accessories.  Also, since Old Navy has their Rockstar jeans on sale right now, I think I might need to finally purchase some green skinnies.


Wish List :: White Sneakers

One item that's been missing from my closet is a pair of casual white sneakers.  This is probably because I know I won't get a ton of use from them seeing as it's more casual than I tend to dress.  I have been seeing them paired a lot of different ways including with a dress or with a pair of jeans rolled up to the ankle.  All of this said, I now am finding myself with the temptation to buy some.  I think if I take the plunge I'd get some classic Converse Chuck Taylors.


Wishlist :: Gap Jeans

I'm sure everyone will agree that it is so difficult to find the perfect pair of jeans.  I have two pairs of the Always Skinny jeans from Gap because I love them so much and although they're super long they are perfect to wear with boots.  When I got an email from Gap saying that its jeans are 25% off I couldn't help but browse the site.  These are a few of my favorites.


Outfit Crush

With the skies becoming darker earlier in the day and the mornings getting more crisp it's only natural to start thinking about fall.  One of my favorite ways to transition to cooler temperatures is by adding a crisp trench coat to stay warm in the morning and night.  If it's chillier one day just add a cute scarf to spice up the khaki color!
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