Outfit Crush

This is such an easy end of winter, early spring outfit! I love the pop of yellow in the cardigan with the otherwise neutral outfit.  


Chambray + Stripes + Orange + Leopard

{Jacket, button-up, shirt, and pants: Old Navy, Flats: Audrey Brooke, similar}

Not sure if you remember this outfit crush that I posted of Blair, but today I chose to recreate it.  I wish that I could wear this type of outfit everyday, there isn't anything about it that I wouldn't want to wear day after day.  Also, this outfit shows my apparent obsession with Old Navy.  Oops!


Beauty Wish List

beauty wish list

Any time I find a product online or in a magazine that I want to try, I add to the notes section of my iPhone.  This list is pretty long, but sometimes I'm nervous to spend the money on the products that may or may not work.  With that being said, I have put together some of the items on my wish list, and if any of you have tried them, please let me know!


Outfit Crush

It's so nice when I actually have all of the elements to recreate one of the outfits that I'm crushing on.  I have had my leopard flats, black pants, and orange jacket in constant rotation the past month or so, but I haven't combined them all in one outfit yet.  I think I'll have to recreate this look very soon!


Trend Watch :: Ladylike Purses

ladylike purses

I've already blogged about a couple of spring's fashion trends (Polka dots and color blocking) that I'm looking forward to, but I couldn't help but add another to the list.  The idea of a ladylike purse is so fun and refreshingly structured compared to a tote bag or hobo style purse.  I especially love ones with a top handle, so that you can carry it in a different way.


Styling Bookcases

I'm in the process of styling a new bookcase/media cabinet that my boyfriend and I bought.  Of course, the first place I went to for inspiration was Pinterest.  These are a few of my favorite shelf looks, and our bookcase is leaning more toward the eclectic mixture of elements.


Fill in the Blank Friday

1.  The love of my life is Tanner!

2.   Falling in love is a gradual process. It's something that continues happening throughout a relationship and over time you fall even deeper in love...if you put in the effort that is. // I completely agree!

3.  Marriage is something I look forward to one day!

4. The longest relationship I've ever had was/is three years.

5. The key to a good relationship is compromise and forgiveness.

6. I feel loved when I'm holding hands or kissing my boyfriend or when someone does something thoughtful for me.  

7.  My favorite quote about love is I don't have a favorite, but I really like this quote "Love more, worry less."

Happy Weekend!!


Outfit Crush

I love this look of someone during Fashion Week matching her heels and pants.  I've thought about matching my red pants with some red heels but wasn't sure if it would be too much, and now I'm certain that I have to give it a try!


Everybody Everywear :: Pink + Red

{Button-Up: Forever 21, Tank: Aeropostale, Pants: Old Navy, Heels: Ralph Lauren}

I was excited to step out of my comfort zone a little bit for this month's EBEW, pink and red.  My love of my red pants has been documented fairly accurately on my blog (seen here and here), but I wasn't sure how to pair them with pink.  I opted to wear a light pink tank top under my sheer white blouse since I didn't have a pink shirt that contrasted enough with red.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
Pink + Red | Everybody, Everywear


Valentine's Weekend

{Beer Barrels &  Miscellaneous Distillery Trials}

{Wine Tasting & Vats of Wine}

{Waiting to try the limited edition beer.}

{Ruby beer, and water with a straw (of course)}

{Inside the Little Red Shed}

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I celebrated Valentine's Day early by staying at one of our favorite places, Edgefield McMenamins.  If you haven't stayed the night there or visited, I highly encourage it.  They have a great wine tasting area, small golf course, sea salt swimming pool, and much more.  It's nice to escape from the TV and computer for a weekend and enjoy an uninterrupted mini-vacation.


Outfit Crush

I recently stumbled upon a new blog, A Lacey Perspective, and her style is great!  Not only is her outfit perfect for warmer winter days, but she is also wearing a pair of shoes that I've been lusting over.  Unfortunately I waited to long to jump on the Zara shoe bandwagon, and missed out on these awesome two-tone pumps.  For now, I'll just continue seeing all of the cute ways that bloggers are wearing them.


Valentine's Day Cooking Ideas

Valentine's Day seems to fall into one of two categories for most people, they either love it, or they hate it.  I for one, love it because it's an excuse to show love and affection and be shown love and affection and not be looked at (too) strangely.  Because it is falling on a Tuesday this year, my boyfriend and I are celebrating the weekend before, and will probably do something small on the actual day.  

I think one of my most favorite ways to celebrate is to get somewhat dressed up, listen to nice music, and cook a delicious dinner at home.  Not only is it super relaxing, but it's also inexpensive.  Something my boyfriend and I like to make is fish with some sort of veggie and starch or breakfast for dinner.  Above are some recipes that I want to try cooking.


Scenes from the Weekend

This weekend was absolutely wonderful.  I walked around one of my favorite areas of Portland, NW 23rd.  I also spent a lot of time with my friends, enjoyed the sunshine, and voted on what my favorite Super Bowl commercial was (the VW Bug with the dog commercial, and my second favorite was the M&M one).  How was your weekend?

1. My belated birthday present for Justine came in the mail
2. I tried mussels for the first time, and surprisingly loved them
3. Enjoyed some of my favorite beer from McMenamin's while watching the Blazer game at home
4 & 5. Met a friendly dog/bear while walking around NW 23rd
6. Learned what color coincided with my birthday


Camera Bag Purse

Since I was lucky enough to receive a Canon digital camera for Christmas I've been looking for the perfect carrying case.  I wanted something that didn't "look" like a camera bag and more like a purse, but still have padding and sections inside.  It's been more difficult than I imagined finding some that were nice looking.  I found this bag, but my favorite is this Theit purse and how it looks somewhat like a Chanel purse.


Outfit Crush

I love this outfit that I came across recently on Pinterest.  Although I'm sure a lot of people don't own leather-like leggings, this outfit would probably be easy for most of us to recreate.  Grab a blazer out of your closet and roll-up the sleeves,  a button-up, skinny jeans, some flats and you're set!
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