Wish List :: Christmas Presents

I have a few things on my Christmas wish list this year that I'm hoping to see under the tree in a few weeks. 

1) iPad :: I've been wanting an iPad for multiple reasons, and one being that I have a two hour commute everyday and would love to look at a screen larger than my iPhone. 
2) Love Actually :: Every year for the past few years I've heard of people watching Love Actually, and I can't believe that I've never seen it!
3) Weekend trip :: Although I only live a couple hours from Seattle it's been years, like 10+ that I've been in Seattle for longer than a day. I would love a weekend trip to Seattle or San Francisco.
4) Nail polish :: I just bought a bottle of Sally Hansen complete manicure on clearance at Target and now want it in every color.  It really is a complete manicure, and it dries super fast!

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