Over the Weekend

This past weekend was the perfect amount of productivity with a heavy dose of fun sprinkled throughout.

Friday :: I went to a bridal show with my best pal Justine who is getting married next summer.
Saturday :: breakfast at Broder (my new favorite), apple tasting at the Portland Nursery, and then an impromptu road trip to my old stomping grounds, Eugene and UO.
Sunday :: Lunch at the new McMenamins in Wilsonville and some delicious pizza and ruby! (not pictured :: even more eating)


  1. I love all those things! How long did you have to wait for a table at Broder? That place is ALWAYS packed. I was there a few weeks ago and waited over a hour. I normally wouldnt have done that but Broder is OHMYGODSOFINGGOOD

    1. I think we only had to wait about twenty minutes but we also went around 9am so we beat the rush I think. I can't wait to go back and try the donuts!


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