Sock Hair Bun

 {Supplies needed: hairspray, comb, old trouser sock with tip of the toes cut off 
and rolled like a donut, bobby pins, and hair tie}

{Start by putting your hair in a ponytail in the same place you'll want your bun}

 {Feed your hair through the center of the "sock donut" and bring it almost to the end of your hair}

{Start rolling your hair with the sock, tucking in any loose hairs as you go}

{The bun is all the way "rolled" and now you just need hairspray and sometimes bobby pins}

{Finished sock bun}

This is my go-to hairstyle for those less than clean hair days, and even better it only takes a few things and a few minutes.  I find that it's perfect for day or night, especially when you add your favorite lipstick.  So go find  a pony tail and an old sock and start coiffing your hair.

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