Red Wool Coat

Did anyone go to Old Navy over the weekend? They were having awesome sales, and a five hour event for 75% off all adult jackets.  I mentioned this jacket in an earlier post, but bought it this weekend for a great price of only $12.70 (I also had some Old Navy Super Cash)! I couldn't believe what a great deal it was, and I can't wait to debut it over the Thanksgiving weekend!


  1. Red Coats are the best. This is very beautiful and oh woooowww That is a bargainnnn!! :D

    I absolutely LOVE Old Navy. I bought a pair of jeans there this summer for 97 CENTS! (They were marked for 5$, which is still awesome, and then for some reason they had this get half off on half off thing and it said 97 cents at the cashier!) hehe

  2. Wow that's a great deal of $.97 for a pair of jeans! Old Navy has been blowing my mind with cute items lately!


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